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Sunday, April 05, 2020

Data Protection Commissioner

The Data Protection Commissioner in Ireland is Mr Billy Hawkes.

The role of the Data Protection Commissioner is to:

  • raise awareness about data protection among both data subjects and data controllers
  • to maintain a register of data controllers and data processors
  • to ensure that the rights of data subjects to data protection are respected
  • to ensure that data controllers and data processors meet their responsibilities
  • to investigate complaints
  • to take enforcement action for breaches of data protection law

The Data Protection Commissioner is assigned certain powers under the Data Protection Acts, 1988 and 2003, (the “Acts”) and under the Electronic Communications Regulations, S.I. 336 of 2011 (the “ePrivacy Regulations”) to assist him in carrying out his responsibilities. The powers of the Data Protection Commissioner are:

  • To conduct investigations
  • To obtain information
  • To enforce compliance with data protection law
  • To prohibit overseas transfer of personal data to a place outside the State
  • To appoint Authorised Officers to enter and examine premises
  • To prepare and publish codes of practice for guidance in applying data protection law to particular areas
  • To prosecute offences

To make a complaint, you will need to contact the Data Protection Commissioner by email or in written form.  Details can be found at www.dataprotection.ie

To register as a data controller or data processor, details can be found at www.dataprotection.ie